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The Dodo Bird is a members only land and sea animal that is bought for 1,000 gems. 


The default appearance of the Dodo Bird is a royal blue for color 1, and light blue for color 2. Its default eyes are green. Its beak does not need to be changed in colors, it is yellow and light orange.



Dance: Does a swim like dance.

Play: Does a snake like movement.

Sleep: On the ground cuddled up, like the owl.

Hop: Tries to fly, but falls, and has dizzy eyes.

Sit: Sits still like its sleep, but eyes open and like owl again.


Dance: Claps then swirls.

Play: Goes upside down and spits out many bubbles, kind of like the penguin, and swirls slowly.

Swirl: Swirls like a duck kind of position, but faster.

Dive: Hops up on a bubble like a trampoline, then comes down with fish in its mouth.