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Divinia is a kingdom alongside The Winter Kingdom and Jamaa and is the main home of the Mystic Animals. The land consists of 7 lands and 2 oceans.

Land Areas

Marshall Village

This is the capital of Divinia and inhabited by most mystic animals. There is also a castle above from the town central, ruled by King Inferno.

Enchanted Meadows

A grassland filled with vibrant-colored flowers and windmills. A farm is located here called Savanna Ranch, owned by a falcon named Doe.

Snow glacier

A tundra-themed land with icy cliffs hanging from the edge of the ice, leading towards Eskimo Seas, one of the two oceans in Divinia. Most seals, otters, and penguins hang out and live here after their journey through the frozen waters of the Eskimo Seas. Sea animals also peak out of the water to chat with the visitors and inhabitants.

Rocky Ravines

A canyon-based land consisted of red sand and a large crack made by the water's erosion, a river with the remains of the dissolving waters and some spikes at the bottom. You can mine gold in the Golden Mineshaft or learn about erosion and types of landforms.

Volcanic Wastelands

A deserted, flat land covered with coal and lava pools. This is where a volcano called Mount Impus sits. This is the only land not inhabited by the mystic animals, considering that it used to erupt almost nonstop.

Spirit Groves

A forest-themed land filled with supernatural plants, including the Azure Rose. This land is known to be the home of a few spirit-element animals and where the Tree of Fortune lays, in the center of the forest.

Timber Mountain

This land is pretty extraordinary, as there's a chance that you are granted your true wish if you reach the summit. A few fallen stars land here. The mountain is bright indigo instead of your average grey, and purestones grow on this mountain.

Ocean Areas

Marine Town

An ocean version of Jamaa Township, alongside Bahari Bay. Most water-element animals hang here, and a few swimming races are hosted.

Eskimo Seas

A frozen land consisting off eroded land and a few small icebergs. Legends say that a mystic heartstone of a Crystal element lies deep below in the cracks on the ground.


  • Enchanted Meadows was originally called Mystic Meadows.
  • The iceberg in Eskimo Seas was originally gonna be a land.
  • There is a secret land called 'The Core' and can be accessed by clicking the giant bell in the center of Marshall Village a few times.