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Deserted Rails is a fan-made Animal Jam land released in June 2018. It was found by the Fennec Foxes after returning from their travels.


It appears to be a desert with a abandoned railway, a bricked-up tunnel and some scrapped models of steam locomotives. 

Journey Book

Dromedary - Can be found walking in the background before disappearing behind the tunnel.

Andean Condor - Will land on a scrapped locomotive model before flying away.

Kangaroo Rat - Crosses the rails while jumping.

Pronghorn - Will pop it's head out from the fence before moving away.

Barrel Cactus - Covers the rest of the train tracks.

Addax - Jumps into view, ears jiggle as if heard something, and runs away.

Arabian Onyx - A herd of them pass through the mist in the distance.

Thorny Devil - Comes out of the locomotive's window before returning to it's place.

Pyramid - Mist from the distance clears, revealing it for 10 seconds.

Ghost Plant - Covers some of the fence.

Pencil Plant - Covers a little bit of the bench in the abandoned station.

Prize: Museum Train Exhibit


Railfan Market (Den Items)

Train Crossing (Non-Member)

Train Bridge (Non-Member)

Model Train (Member)

Train Station (Member)

Train Tunnel (Non-Member)

Buffer Beams (Non-Member)

Train Whistle (Member)

Scrapped Train (Member)

Train Signal (Non-Member)

Firebox (Member)

Express Mall (Clothing Items)

Train Funnel (Non-Member) (Head item)

Train Wheels (Member) (Leg item)

Train Cab (Non-Member) (Back item)

Cowcatcher (Member) (Leg item)

Smoke Deflectors (Non-Member) (Head item)

Train Buffers (Member) (Leg item)

Train Smokebox (Non-Member) (Head item)

Streamlining (Member) (Back item)


Rumors state this was a station for the alphas until it got destroyed by the phantoms during the first Phantom War.

There is a easter egg that if enough jammers sit on the bench in the station, a spectral locomotive will rattle off from the tunnel and stop at the station like as if picking up and dropping off passengers, then run off.

This land was teased in a puzzle.