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The Culpeo is a members-only land animal that can be purchased from the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds, but once already purchased, a new one can be made for only 1,000 gems.


The Culpeo has a well-built, muscular body that is similar to those of the Cougar and Coyote, but looks nothing like the Wolf. The Culpeo's nose is pointed on the nose, instead of rounded, like other animals. The Culpeo also has ears identical to those of a Coyote.

Colour 1 is the Culpeo's body, and Colour 2 is the Culpeo's back and tail-tip colour. The Culpeo has a custom pattern that is set by default, and when used, it shows the Culpeo with one front paw and his muzzle whatever colour the pattern was set to.

By Default, Colour 1 is pale yellow, and Colour 2 is black. As well, the default pattern colour is orange.


Dance: The Culpeo jumps up onto its hind legs and starts waving its paws into the air. Then it jumps down onto its four paws and back kicks, before jumping up and repeating.

Play: The Culpeo jumps onto its front legs and kicks the air with its hind legs.

Hop: The Culpeo hops high, spins around and lands neatly on its four paws.

Sleep: Sleeps like the Coyote.


  • The Culpeo is one of the many animals that have their own custom pattern: Fox, Otter, Tiger, Raccoon, Toucan, Lynx, Cheetah, Leopard, Horse, Giraffe, Sloth, Spring Bunny, Snowflake Arctic Wolf.
  • They are non-member.