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Crystal Tundra is a fan made, snow-themed land filled with crystals, made of the colors in the patterns and eyes of the Enchanted Animals. This idea was made by me, but usually inspired by ChiwawahAJ's Mira's Tundra idea.


To the middle left, there is a cave that leads to Mt. Shiveer, labeled, 'Taz's Nook,' above the entrance. To the bottom left and right, there are bridges leading to mountain peaks, which lead to Balloosh and Sarepia Forest. There are also sharp, crystal mountains, a campsite made by the Goat Gang, an ice rink, and a shiny palace made using the crystals, ruled by 'Queen Almai.'


  • Taz's Nook - A cavern claimed by a young phantom Taz as a shop for clothing items and mining tools. Moving forward would lead you into Mt Shiveer, outside the small cave over the tunnel to Crystal Sands. You can also mine crystals in this cave, but you need to buy a pickaxe first.
  • Crystal Peaks - Mountains and Plateaus made of sharp crystals called Purestones, minerals that are controlled by Enchanted Animals.
  • Goat's Camp - A campsite built by the Goat Gang, which is unfortunately for all animals, but jammers can only join the gang with a goat.
  • Ice Rink - An ice rink stadium with hockey goals on the sides and bleachers around and above the rink, mostly built for the audience. In the bleachers, there is a shop for This is where Hockey Run is located.
  • Almai's Palace - A place similar to the den, Crystal Palace, but with Purestones around and the yards are covered with snow. This castle belongs to Almai, queen of the Enchanted Animals.


Phantom's Trunk - This shop is located in a chest next to Taz and his bed. It sells winter clothes and basic mining tools, like pickaxes. An explorer named James, located at the edge of the crystal peaks, says that his cave is the best starting place for mining.

Hockey Upgrades - Located in the bleachers, on the left side of the stadium. It sells hockey tools, helmets and potions, used for add-ons to the game, Hockey Run.


Hockey Run - A sport-based game, where you have to get the puck into the goal and avoiding the opposing team. This game is can be used for multiplayer and singleplayer. You use the arrow keys to move your controlled character and space to pass it over to an ally. You first start with your animal, and once you past the puck to an ally, you switch to that ally you tossed it over to, unless you're using multiplayer. If the puck is tossed into the opposing team's goal, you win. If vice versa, you lose. For multiplayer, the game first starts with a random person on a certain team, and you can use emotes in-game.

Journey Book

The items you collect are related to snow habitats, like Snowshoe Hares. However, Purestones are included in the journey book page. Their descriptions tells the player their history and trivia. When all items are collected by the player, he / she is rewarded by a Queen Almai plushie, representing Queen Almai.


  • This page was inspired by ChiwawahAJ's Mira's Tundra.
  • This is the first land to have NPCS outside the adventures, including Taz, James, the Goat Gang members, and Queen Almai.
  • The fact of Crystal Tundra being connected above Mt. Shiveer was borrowed using the old treasure hunt map from Play Wild. However, Balloosh isn't normally seen from the map.
  • Hockey Upgrades are inspired by the Game Upgrades from Club Penguin (srry, it's shutdown).