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Crooked Tooth is a large Phantom.


Crooked Tooth is a large Phantom. He also wears a purple "long" Spiked Collar around his face, and many purple Spiked Wristbands on his tentacles.


Like Broken Stars, Crooked Tooth came into existence from Mira's tears, and was decepted to believe a Phantom named Dark Flower had given birth to both of them. He was ambitious to fight alongside Broken Stars in battles against Jamaa.

In one particular battle he noticed Sir Gilbert attacking Dark Flower. This seemed unfair because Dark Flower did not even fight; she was a worker. Crooked Tooth came to defend his adopted mother, until Sir Gilbert tripped him and killed Dark Flower. Soon after, Crooked Tooth chose to leave the Phantoms and live on his own. He moved to a murky swamp where he lived for a few years, until Greely ambushed him and tried to kill him. Crooked Tooth barely survived, and his den was crumbled. Crooked Tooth moved again to a part of Jamaa where he wouldn't be attacked.

Alongside him was a few heartbroken Jammers. Crooked Tooth suggested they come up with a weapon to stop all the wars and sadness throughout the world. Soon later, one of Crooked Tooth's teeth fell out. He decided to keep it inside a collar for safe keeping.

Later that day he slipped on a puddle of water, and accidently injured himself from the tooth. As he was resting and healing he knew he had found the weapon to end all bad things. He slowly collected more teeth to put inside the collar, and soon it was ready. His new friends convinced Jam Mart Clothing into putting the new Spiked Collars for sale.

He is currently in hiding as he watches what his creation actually did to Jamaa; cause sadness and hate with trading. He knows he made a terrible mistake and wants to make up for it, but is not sure how yet.


  • He is Broken Stars' brother.
    • It is unknown if Crooked Tooth also has Broken Stars' resistance to Boomseeds.
  • He is one of the original Phantoms created from Mira's tears.
  • He created Jamaa's first Spiked Collar.