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The Coyote is a members-only animal in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. They are like the wolf, but smaller and a different appearance.


The Coyote when first purchased will be colored light brown for color 1 and tan for color 2. The Coyote has no teeth poking out, has pointy ear somewhat looking like a fennec fox, and a tail looking like a fox. The eyes when you first get it will be colored dark grey with normal eyes. The coyote in real life looks like the wolf, but in the game the wolf looks nothing alike compared to the coyote.


Dance: The coyote does the moonwalk and flips.

Play: The coyote goes up on one ball and tries to balance but falls and starts again.

Sleep: Sleeps on back with mouth open.

Hop: Hops like a fox, a hyena, and a wolf smashed into.

Sit: Sits with tail to the side and paws showing.

Note: I'll add a trivia and a picture soon!