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The cow is a fan-made animal. It will appear for non-members and members. The cost will be 1000 gems and when joining, new jammers can use it. It's a land animal.


The cow will have an average sized head with a large pink snout sticking out. Nostrils will appear in it. Small little ears will poke over the head.

A large body like the kangaroo but the neck is thicker.

Black hooves will be at the bottom. They will stay black.


The swirls will circle around the hooves and scatter on the back.

The square ish swirls will form flocks around the back unevenly.

The spots will blob around it and make it look like a real cow.

When the bubble is used, it will have a [color] on it's nose and scattering around the rest of the body.


Sit: When the Cow is sitting, it ls off to a right angle and has their hooves at the front. The back is slightly hunched over, but nothing like the hyena.

Play: A patch of grass will appear and it will graze on the grass.

Sleep: The Cow will curl up and close its eyes. The tail will flick back and forth, swatting flies.

Hop: The cow will launch into the air and its hooves will fly out.

Dance: The cow will stand on hind legs and whip its arms around. It will go back onto hooves and do it again.


Alpha name is Noma.

They have an animated short called "Nothing Like Around".