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Cloud Forest is a flying animals only cloud land. It floats above Sarapia Forest. You can find Cloud Forest on the Expanded Map, which is placed above Sarapia Forest like so.


Cloud Forest is a cloud with trees. It is like Sarapia Forest a little. There is a large lake which you can go in. On the right there will be a bridge which leads to a rainbow which you can slide on, taking you to another cloud, with lesser trees and a shop called Flying Treasures.


The Shop; Flying Treasures, sells den items like:

Miniature Cloud - Members Only - 200 gems

Large Lake - Members Only 500 gems

Rainbow - Members Only - 700 gems

Small Lake - All Jammers - 100 gems


The Music thats playing in the room is called "Dubstep Clouds". It is sold at the Diamond Shop for 2 diamonds and is members only.

Journey Book

Birds Nest

Pile of Hawk Feathers




Small Lake

Large Bush

Prize: Miniature Rainbow Cloud