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Cloud Castles

Cloud Castles is a medieval themed sky land, for flying animals only.


After a battle with the phantoms, some eagles stumbled across some patches of cloud. They anchored the clouds to the ground so they hung just above Mt. Shiveer and built castles and shops on them to use as bases to plan against the phantoms. Eventually they left and the land was abandoned until recently when it became open to the flying animals of Jamaa.

Buildings and Layout

Cloud Castles consists of three clouds; one large one in the middle, and two smallper clouds on either side.There is one large castle on the biggest cloud and inside there is a shop similar to Epic Wonders which sells medieval themed clothes and den items. There is also a small shop to the right of the castle that has a drinks machine that is actually a mini-game, similar to that of the smoothie games that already exist. On the left of the castle there is a market stall that sells cheaper medieval clothes and a few den items.


Some of the items you can buy are:

  • Sword (500 gems) {clothing item}
  • Helmet (400 gems) {clothing item}
  • Medieval tunic (700 gems) {clothing item}
  • Canon (600 gems) {den item}
  • Shield (500 gems) {den item}

And some more.


Along with the drinks machine game, you can also play a small trivia game located in the small building on the left cloud. It will quiz you on some basic facts on the era and some facts about flying animals too. It is called 'Medieval Mayhem'. You can earn 200-50 gems depending on your score. In addition, there is a cloud popper game called 'Crazy Clouds' in which you pop clouds to save the animals or gems stranded on them. You can earn up to 150-1,000 gems depending on which level you get to.

Journey book

The items in the journey book are:

  • Cumulus clouds
  • Cirrus clouds
  • Stratus clouds
  • Vulture (or another high flying bird)
  • Primulas (or another flower that grows in a high place)

The prize will be special shield with a bird design on it.