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Chinese New Year Kung Fu Gear or Kung Fu Gear is a set of Diamond Shop wear that is only present during Chinese New Year.

The Gear

The entire set is members only and cost a total of 7 diamonds.

Yin Yang Headband

The Yin Yang Headband resembles a ribbon scarf except it is worn on the forehead and features a gold, silver or bronze yin yang symbol depending on the color of the headband (red has gold, pink has silver, green has bronze, and there are three white headbands with each yin yang color). It costs 1 diamond.

Kung Fu Boots

The boots appear to be wrap around foot gear made of the same material as the previously mentioned Yin Yang Headband. The wrapped around foot gear has a sky blue gem in the center. It comes in red, pink, green and white. It costs 2 diamonds.

Yin Yang Amulet

The Amulet has a ribbon that comes in red, pink, green and white. The medallion comes in its respective mineral color (see above). It costs 1 diamond.

Kung Fu Cloak

The Cloak appears to be a wrap around GI that appears to have a hood. It comes in red, pink, green, and white. It costs 3 diamonds.