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The Cheetahs Only Party is a party that can only be accessed by cheetahs, and has a shop where you can buy clothing items, and den items. You can play the claw game, It only hands out cheetah plushies.


The party looks like it is in the savannah, with tall brown grass, and an orange sky. You can see giraffes in the background, with some tall trees.


Here are some of the items you can buy:

Cheetah Print Rug: 250 Gems (NM)

Cheetah Print Jumpsuit: 150 Gems (Members Only)

Cheetah Print Bed: 500 Gems (NM)

Cheetah Print Curtains: 50 Gems (Members Only)

Giant Cheetah Plushie: 150 Gems (NM)

Cheetah Toy: 80 Gems (Members Only)

Savannah Window: 400 Gems (NM)

Cheetah Print Skirt: 500 Gems (Members Only)

Cheetah Print Wig: 280 Gems (NM)