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The Big Cats Only Party, takes place in a larger and expanded version of a Treehouse den. The music is called "Feline Beat". Each floor is for a different cat.

Floor 1:

Tiger Floor has tiger decorations and a shop to; only tiger stuff.

Tiger Shop:

Tiger Stripe Couch: 200 Gems (NM)

Tiger Statue: 300 Gems (NM)

Tiger Plush Rug: 340 Gems (NM)

Tiger Lilies: 210 Gems (NM)

Plush Tiger Rug: 500 Gems (Members only)

Tiger Print Suit: 250 Gems (Members Only) __________________________________________________________________________________

2nd Floor

Lion Floor has lion decorations

Lion Shop:

Lion Robe: 200 Gems (NM)

Lion Throne: 400 Gems (Members only)

Plush Lion Rug: 500 Gem (Members only)

Lion's Rock: 300 Gems (Members only)

Zebra Training Dummy: 500 Gems (Members Only)

Lion Mane: 250 Gems (NM) __________________________________________________________________________________

3rd Floor

Snow Leopard Floor:

Leopard Print Pillow: 99 Gems (NM)

Arctic Tree: 400 Gems (Members only)

Leopard Paw Prints: 400 Gems (Members only)

Plush Snow Leopard Throw: 500 Gems (Members only)

Snow Leopard Toy: 150 Gems (NM)

Snow Leopard Mask: 250 Gems (Members Only)

4th Floor: Cheetah Floor

Cheetah Zoom Sneakers Display: 100 Gems (Members only)

Cheetah Print Blanket: 100 Gems (NM)

Cheetah Print Wallpaper: 40 Gems (NM)

Cheetah Statue: 300 Gems (Members only)

Cheetah Print Furcoat: 400 gems (Members Only)

Cheetah Toy: 150 Gems (NM)

5th Floor: Lynx Floor

Lynx Carpet: 200 Gems (Members only)

Lynx Balloon: 200 Gems (Members only)

Lynx Plushie: 50 Gems (NM)

Lynx Toy: 60 Gems (NM)

Lynx Hat: 400 Gems (NM)