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The Capybara is a fan made members-only land and sea animal, They cost 5 Diamonds in the diamond shop like the pig does.


Brown body, Grey mouth.

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Dance: They sway their legs, bounces and does a disco-like dance.

Play: They run in circles very fast and then they stop.

Hop: They hop reaching their arms up in the ar, while the legs are hunched over.

Sit: They sit like how a real life capybara does.

Sleep: Sleeps with their feet tucked in the chest.


Dance: It does an underwater version of the Rumba.

Play: It hides behind a rock, seemingly waiting to bite an floating piece of seaweed, but they nearly catch it.

Swirl: It swirls by following a trail of bubbles.

Dive: It sinks to the right, then it swims back up.

Pose: It poses with the legs kneeing on the water, and with the arms crossed.