The Bunny Burrow Den is for Members only. It is the same exact place as the Bunnies-Only-Party, only without the trampolines or the pet bunnies or the shop. It was released as a gift for members during the Celebration of Spring. Later on it was given to members once again in the Diamond shop for 7 diamonds.


Similar to the Enchanted Hollow Den, The Bunny Burrow Den is underground. The only differences is that there is no outside, it is darker, has no crystals, different looking, and has slides, which the Enchanted Hollow Den doesn't. Since there is no trampolines, the big trampoline place is just a pile of Earth. The shop is replaced by large roots and a tree stem going up with a shiny hole with light from the sun. There is still the gates there, to. When you enter, it will be the same only there will be eaten carrots beside you.


The price is 7 diamonds after it was a gift to members.

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