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Broken Stars is a large Phantom with dark purple electricity instead of the regular yellow.



Broken Stars was one of the original Phantoms created from Mira's tears after she lost Zios, although for a long time he never knew how he was created. He was told he was the son of a female phantom named Dark Flower.

At first he did not like the idea of waging war with Jamaa. He requested to be a worker like Dark Flower, but older Phantoms told him that only females could be workers because they had no chance of fighting. Broken Stars found this statement offensive and stereotypical towards his mother. For a while he trained and served the rest of the Phantoms with quiet loyalty until Dark Flower was killed by Sir Gilbert in a battle at Sarepia Forest.

After this Broken Stars became short-tempered and refused to attend any more battles. After this the Phantoms started losing more and more battles, and Broken Stars knew the only way he could save his kind was if he rejoined the battle. An older phantom was tired of Broken Stars' sadness and admitted to him that Dark Flower was not his real mother and he shouldn't have been this angry over her. Broken Stars was even angrier now that Dark Flower, the Phantom he had been making such a fuss over, wasn't even related to him. He decided to take out his anger on the Jamaasians in battle, swearing vengance on Sir Gilbert. It took a long time but he finally cornered Sir Gilbert, until the rest of the other Alphas appeared and killed Broken Stars.

But to Broken Stars, death was not the end. He stayed in his afterlife, which felt like a darker version of Sarepia Forest. He rested, knowing one day he could fight back against the Jammers and Alphas. Over time more dead Phantoms joined him in his afterlife and agreed to help him when the time was right.

A few years later he met an autistic arctic wolf named Blue who had left Jamaa because his heart had recently broken. Broken Stars found some similarities between himself and Blue. Broken Stars told Blue they could both work together to get back at the Jammers. Blue saw no trickery in this and Broken Stars began visiting him in his dreams, training Blue to be as powerful as he had once been. The rest of the Phantoms agreed to let Blue fight among them, although he rarely came to battles. Blue's reputation slowly went up around the Phantoms. He was respected but not particularly well liked because of his prickly, defensive nature.

In a major battle that happened a few weeks later, Broken Stars cornered Sir Gilbert once again and swore revenge for all that Sir Gilbert had done to him. When it seemed as Broken Stars had finally won, Cosmo appeared and threw a boomseed at him, which was strong enough to send him back to his afterlife and confined him there so he could never leave again. Broken Stars was sad that he had failed but was proud that Blue would carry on his legacy for him. Blue was sad to see his mentor confined but continued to fight hard. He didn't need Broken Stars' help anymore and was ready to take back what was his.


  • The Alphas have sworn never to speak of Broken Stars to Jammers.
  • After Cosmo threw a boomseed at Broken Stars, his immune system took it in making him permanently immune to boomseeds, except in the ending of The Dark Forest.
  • He is featured as the final boss in one adventure: The Dark Forest, although he has watched all previous Adventures from a safe distance where he wouldn't be noticed.
  • He is Crooked Tooth's brother.
  • He has a strange disliking for LaSalle, the Raccoon Alpha.
  • He has no friendship with Greely the Wolf Alpha, but likes how he thinks.