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The Breeding Animals tool makes Hybrids. just a couple of Hybrid animals are available. They are:

  • Liger (Tiger-Lion)
  • Tygon (Tiger-Lion)
  • Jaglion (cheetah-lion)
  • Pizzly (grizzly bear-polar bear only available in play wild)
  • Coywolf (coyote-wolf (that was easy))
  • Leopon (lion-cheetah)
  • Coydog (German shepherd-coyote only available in play wild)
  • liligon (only animal with a rare tag) (tigon-liger. just gives one liligon)

the tool creates two animals, in order to justify the prize. the only exeption is the liger, which gives both a Liger and a Tigon.

Where to find it

You can find it in the solar arcade next to the claw, and in the games menu in the toolbar.