The Birthstone Palace is a den for all Jammers. In the diamond shop for 5 Diamonds. It comes in 12 different variants, With each variant Available at a different month of the year, To the corresponding birthstones. For Example, Garnet January, Amethyst February, Aquamarine March etc.


Birthstone Palace

The Amethyst Birthstone Palace

The Birthstone Palace is a two story den on top of a hill. The First floor is the largest floor, With crystal floors and walls, As well as windows with amazing Scenery. There is a long, curved staircase that leads up to the second story. The Second story is slightly smaller, And has a balcony with a slide that reaches the bottom of the hill. There's a river on the hill as well as a flower patch. There's also a fantasy-themed background.


The Ruby Birthstone Palace


  • Some of the crystals act like mirrors, That allow you to see your animal's reflection.
  • Each variant of the den has a unique symbol on the wall. The symbols are zodiac signs which represents the month the den is available. For Example: January is Aquarius, February is Pisces, March is Aries.
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