AJ Birthday Gift.png

Birthday Gifts are a mechanic for all members to access. They look just like regular gifts besides the fact they've been re-colored. They are now white with a magenta polka-dot pattern and yellow ribbon.

Made by magical cuties

On the date of your birthday, you are able to obtain Birthday Gifts. As soon as you log in, you will automatically have a jam-a-gram from AJHQ containing a Birthday Gift. The jam-a-gram will always read "Happy birthday to you, *username*!" (the random word username after the "Happy birthday to you," part of the jam-a-gram will say the player's username) The Birthday Gift from AJHQ will always contain an item from the AJ Birthday Party. Also, your buddies are told that it's your birthday as soon as they log on, and they will be allowed to send Birthday Gifts to you, even if they are non-member. You can also accept Birthday Gifts if your non-member.

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