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Berner animal jam classic in the choose an animal screen.png

The berner is a land animal. It costs ten dimonds in aj c and 150 sapphires in ajpw.

Default Appearance

Describe the doggo here thanks :)


Animal jam classic:

Sit: sits like an arctic wolf

Sleep: lies on the ground, paws put tightly against body. tail wags slowly, uncurled.

Dance: hops on left back leg and right front leg, then flips to back right leg and left front leg, then the action repeats.

Play: barks at sky, gives a whole spin and then hops, landing in an alert position.

Hop: hops and dives down.

Play wild:

Sit: sits the same as in aj classic

Sleep: lays lowv, stomach facing the ground, using it's left paw as a pillow.

Dance: stands on hind legs, making yazz hands on the left side of it's body, then the hands swithch to the right. wags tail along with the movment.

Play: a rope appears, the dog grabs it, pulls it, and lets it go. when it lets it go, it falls sit, than shakes it's head.

Hop: hops like in ajc


if this is added in only one of the plattaforms, (only ajc of only pw) it must be added the