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The Beaver is a fan animal for Animal Jam. It is an animal available for land and ocean. It cost 10 diamonds.


A Beaver Edit?

==Default Appearance==

When first created, the beaver has a squarish-head, a long but fuzzy body, an erect black flat tail. It has webbed-hind feet and small black front feet. The beaver has two giant buck teeth. Its eyes will be colored green and body will be colored brown for color 1 and black for its tail and feet for color 2.


By pocalypse AJ



Sit: They sit on their knees with tail down and paws in lap.

Dance: Stands on hind legs and claps three times moving to the left and right then slaps tail on the ground.

Sleep: They go onto it's belly, paws out and one tucked in with tail tapping on ground.

Hop: Hops the same height as an otter with tail high.

Play: Grabs a small tree than chews it and throws it away.


Play: It makes an underwater dam then all twigs float away making the beaver catch them.

Dance: It spins then stomps feet on the "ground" then rolls.

Swirl: They swirl normally with tail going up and down.

Dive: They dive down normally then makes a pose then goes up.

Pose (sit): It poses with tail wrapped around body and paws tucked in.


  • Like the Deer, Eagle, and Otter  it's play option consists of obtaining food.
  • It is the fifth animal that can go on land and ocean, the first three being the Penguin, the Seal, Otter, and the polar bear.
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