The Beagle is a fan-made, non-member land animal. It is is in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds. It is part of the canine family like the Arctic Wolf, the Wolf, Fox, Arctic Fox, and the coyote. It is not in Animal Jam yet, but it might be.


The Beagle has two floppy ears, a big head, a small body, a little tail, and it is similar to The Fox. The Fox is a real animal in Animal Jam. (Fox & the Hound Reference?) 


The apperance of a beagle in AJ. (IT WAS QUICKLY MADE IN MS. PAINT)


Play:  It brings out a rubber chicken out of nowhere, and begins trying to destroy it.
Dance:  It does the Caramelldansen. 
Sleep: Sleeps like a normal dog.
Sit: Sits like a normal dog.
Hop: Hops like a wolf.


Chose-An-Animal photo example

  • It is inspired by PaRappa The Rapper, a rapping beagle game from Sony.
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