The Baby Phantom Pet is a fan-made, Non-Members', amphibious Pet. The Baby Phantom Pet would be a prize in the adventure map, Greely's Inferno, and would have a 12.45% chance of being earned. 

 The Baby Phantom Pet may also be earned during the Night of the Phantoms Halloween event during October. 


 The Baby Phantom Pet's default appearance consists of a round, spherical body, four spherical appendages on each corner of the body, one very large, circular, Sky-Blue eye, and a dark, Navy-Blue sheen to its body. 

 Pet Stop Accessories 

  On Land

   Head-Items  :: A Fedora, Halo, a White Baseball Cap with a Golden-Yellow lightning bolt across the front, a New Years' Party Hat, and an Umbrella Hat. 

   Neck-Items  :: A Lightning Necklace, a Princess Necklace, a Gold Chain Necklace, and a collar. 

   Back-Items  :: Angel Wings, Scary Bat Wings, a Kite, and a spouting Phantom Pipe. 

   Miscellaneous  :: Lightning bolts shooting from its body, a trio of tiny Phantoms trailing behind, Phantom sludge, and jagged line under the eye, like a mouth. 

   In Water 

   Head-Items :: A Seahorse Hat, Jellyfish Hat, Scuba Goggles (with a snorkel), and a Dolphin Hat. 

   Neck-Items :: A Kelp Scarf, a gold watch strung in chain, a Shark Tooth Necklace, and a Skull Necklace. 

   Back-Items :: Water Wings, a Bubbletron 9000, Pufferfish Spikes, and a treasure chest strapped on. 

   Miscellaneous :: Squid tentacles, a turtle shell, Phantom tentacles, and Jellyfish filaments. 


   On Land :: Waves one appendage, with its one eye closed in happy enthusiasm. 

     In Water :: Swirls around in a vertical spiral, creating a spiral of bubbles, then dives through it. 


  •  When the Jammer that owns the pet dances, the Baby Phantom will perform a 'whirlpool' dance where it holds out its tentacles and spins at a very high speed, like a spinning top. 


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