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The Axolotl is a Non member Land and Sea animal. It costs 600 gems.



Pink gills and body, Green eyes.



Dance: The axolotl does the can can

Play: The axolotl eats a dead fish.

Sleep: It sleeps deeply in the ground with it's gills resting on the forehead.

Hop: It hops in a hoverboard-like pose.

Sit: Sits with legs ducked down while the arms look like they are grabbing something.


Dance: They do a underwater ballet dance.

Play: It plays peekaboo.

Swirl: They swirl in a boomerang-like way.

Dive: The axolotl dives down with the eyes locked down to plain air, and then some random bubbles make the axolotl float back up.

Pose: Poses as if it is grabbing on a wall.


The fact that the axolotl can go on land is based on the real-life myth about axolotls metamorphing to become terrestrial.