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Autumn Woodlands is a new land, above Twilight Falls and right from Balloosh, according to the old Play Wild map.


The area appears to be a forest filled with spruce trees. With the setting being autumn themed, thus the name. A few buildings are placed on the sides of the path, which is cleared by a rake, remaining with smooth dirt.


Green Treehouse - An autumn-themed greenhouse consisting of a shop for garden seeds and plant-themed items.

Musical Towers - A tall structure where you can create a song of your own and can buy songs sold from other jammers who own the track.

Explorer's Base Camp - The main base camp for the Expedition Adventures.

Wooden Potteries - A small, rectangular and clay cave consisting of a shop owned by Maia who sells pottery.

Journey Book

Fox Squirrel - On one of the trees with a hollow hole. It would peak out of the hole, look left and right, put an acorn in its mouth, climb down, dig a hole, grab the acorn from mouth, place the acorn in the small pit, bury the acorn, and climb back up to its home.

Apple Tree - It would be one of the trees with apples hanging from the branches and a panda sleeping, leaned aside it.

Grizzly Bear - Inside a cave in between two trees, one with a sign labeled, "BEAR SLEEPING, KEEP OUT!" The bear would be cuddled up with two cubs and sleeping.