Red Dragon
The Asian Dragon is a flying mammal that is covered in scales, fur, and feathers and breathes water. If it's to be added to Animal Jam, it will be one of the predator animals. Its default appearance is red with a pinkish white belly, (this isn't a secret color) yellow horns on its head, and the tail plume that's yellow. It can't be bought straight away, just like the european dragon. To unlock it, you must make a trade with at least one other jammer. (It doesn't need to be successful) After the trade finishes, there will be the sound of a river. When the Asian Dragon appears, its eyes will glow. Once the animation finishes you can buy it for 5 diamonds.


Play: It rolls around an orb.

Dance: It does the same dance as the dragon dance in china, then it floats up and comes down.

Sit: It sits up like an elephant, with its mouth open.

Sleep: It lays on its belly like a panda.


  • The Asian Dragon is the same size as a tiger in-game.
  • It resembles a slender, long-bodied Dire Wolf.
  • This will be the first animal to cost five diamonds.
  • The Asian dragon alpha is named Ryu.
  • It is the first flying non-member animal.