The arctic fox was first found in animal jam's newest diamond gift card, where the arctic fox was hiding behind Greely. They are gonna be in the diamond shop for 10 Diamonds.

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An Arctic fox


  • This animal may be in the diamond shop for members. They cost 10 diamonds.
  • This animal is related to the fox and arctic wolf. Why? Because the wolf had an arctic wolf and the fox now has an arctic fox. (Not in real life)
  • The arctic fox has a fluffy tail that is fluffier than a raccoon's.
  • They have animated short called "It Wasn't Me!"
  • they are now an animal roaming around Jamaa!


Play: It starts making a snow angel.

Dance: Goes up on four paws and does the moon dance.

Sleep: Sleeps on back and holds tail like a stuffed animal.

Hop: Hops up and when comes down its tail puffs up and goes over again.

Sit: Sits like an arctic wolf- only its tail is around its body.


This animal will become non member in 2018 in the winter fall.

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