Animal Paint

Animal paint is a series of purchasables available in the Diamond Shop. Buying one of the paint colors will give the player access to a new color for their animal. Each paint color costs one diamond. All jammers can purchase animal paint.

Colors Available

  • Seal Cream (color of seal's default fur)
  • Seal Green (color of seal's default eyes)
  • Shiny White (color 2 for penguin, color 1 for polar bear, color 1 for arctic fox)
  • Bunny Brown (color of bunny's default pattern)
  • Polar Bear Gray (color of polar bear's default pattern)
  • Lynx Pink
  • Mysterious Magenta
  • Diamond Blue
  • Crocodile Green
  • Fox Red
  • Lynx Black
  • Kangaroo Purple
  • Charcoal Black
  • Grassy Green
  • Rhino Gray
  • Dolphin Blue
  • Hyena Purple
  • Owl Maroon
  • Sheep Gray
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