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Terms and Conditions

By making a page, you hereby agree that the page and idea is no longer your property and anyone now edit your page.


1. All animal pages must have the actions.

2. All item pages must have a description

3. All den pages must have a layout

4. Any page written in blog style (IE: I think we should ____) will be deleted.

5. Please leave only constructive comments.

6. This is not a blog, people can modify a page if does not follow rules.

7. Make it related to the Animal Jam GAME only. (No movies or TV shows) (this also includes "Famous Jammers")

8. Be respectful of other's art work, don't say it's ugly.

9. Mind your language, AJHQ looks at this!

10. Animal pages must follow this layout

11. All item pages must follow this layout

12. Do not post "fake", this is a fanon wiki.

13. Since there already is a place for stories, please keep it off here.