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Animal Jam: The Series is a TV show based on the children's game, Animal Jam.

Main Cast

Clover - A young, free-spiriting and caring pink fox with blue arms and ear tips, a light pink underbelly, and green eyes. What's interesting about her though is that she has the amount of two tails even though she doesn't have the double tails item.

Daisy - A fun-loving bunny who is one of Clover's close friends. She is a light-pink color with blue eyes and a red heart pattern on her fur.

Baron - Baron is a sporty and humorous orange tiger with black stripes and purple eyes. He is one of Clover's close friends.

Rocky - A dark grey wolf who loves to play, she is a friend of Clover.


Cloud - A blue-whitish snow leopard, he is Clover's crush. Cloud is kind of nerdy and shy. He likes gardening.

Junior - The main villain introduced in season 2. Junior , a black wolf with a white underbelly, is working with the phantoms and wears a black top hat and dark purple proto-phantom necklace. He likes to destroy Jamaa for fun because of his past. He has a rare power called phantom power.

Rosy - A odd-looking cougar, she also likes gardening. She is Cloud's sister. She tries her best to make everyone happy. She also has a interest in healing other people with herbs.

Smudge - A dark grey wolf with a white splotch marks on her fur. She wears a green flower crown and a brown leather backpack with gems on it and a golden horse shoe print on the middle of it.


Echose - Echose is a young, wise wolf. She dons a purple scarf, along with the newer Blackout Socks. She also has an unusually fluffy tail, which leads some to mistakenly believe she is a fox.

Forest - A German Shepard who is a pilot. She has a cream coat and a light brown secondary color. She also wears a red avatar hat and a light blue feather necklace. She is a little older than Baron. She is very young to be a pilot.

Luna - Azpen's sister, she is actually pretty nice. She has purple eyes, making other jammers think she's controlled by phantoms. She also uses a bow for weapons.

Sawtooth - Melody's brother, he is Luna's childhood friend. He is also the same age as Clover and her friends. He has a angel halo and wings. He also has yellow eyes.

Other Characters

Azpen - A deer with a jamaaliday bow, he is a rival of Clover. He is also cocky and arrogant and wants all the rares. He also scams other players for their rares. Azpen is also a side character.

Liza - An adventurous and warm-hearted panda, who is the panda alpha. She guides Clover and her friends through their missions.

Sir Gilbert - A strong and stubborn tiger, who is the tiger alpha. He is in charge of the armies of Jamaa.

Greely - A mysterious and sinister wolf, who is the wolf alpha. He is often alone in the shadows, and not much is known about his personal life.

Melody - Azpen's friend, she is a rival of Daisy. She has bat wings even though she's a bunny, and a flower on top of her head. Rumors say that she is for some reason, Smudge's lost sister but this is not true. She also is Junior's ex-girlfriend.

Hunter - Forest's older brother. He has the normal German Shepard pattern. He has a fedora. He has a crush on Rosy.

Dare - A black wolf with a white underbelly, white-tipped ears and white paws. He is Junior's older brother. He is the 2nd oldest in his family. He used to be brave, doing dares when he was a kid but has become quite timid due to his older brother and twin, Dash.

DJ - A pink wolf with a white underbelly, white- tipped hair and a striped tail. She in Junior's older sister. She is the 3rd oldest in her family and very bossy. She liked Junior but always followed what her big brother, Dash, did and bullied Junior sometimes too.

Dash - A grey wolf with a white underbelly. He has white front paws. He is the oldest in his family. He has earth powers. He is also Sir Gilbert's right hand man. He and Junior are the only one in their family with powers. When Junior was born, Dash was jealous and bullied Junior while their mom was at work. Since they were poor, their mom would sometimes be away for days at a time, working, which resulted Dash being in charge of the siblings when they were young.

Candy - A sometimes shy, but tough, maned wolf. She has light blue (The secret color in AJPW) for her main color and lavender paws. She has a purple flower crown and a candy bow-tie. The oldest of her close friends, Hero and Magenta, who training to be future alphas. She also is training to become an alpha.

Hero - A lemur. He has the default lemur look. He has a baseball cap and has a big ego. He has a child-like personality and sometimes he does stuff that can cause a lot of trouble. He is training to be a future alpha.

Magenta - A strong snow leopard. She has a magenta coat and white underbelly and paws. She also wears a white eclipse hat, a panda power backpack, and a grey heart bow tie. She is very mature but can be immature at some times. She and her friends are training to be Jamaa's next Alphas!

Paws - A fox with the default look. He has green home-made wings, a green alpine hat, and a green heart bow-tie and has green eyes. He is supposed to be another villain for the series.

Peanut - A arctic fox, he has auburn fur, and soft yellow eyes. He also wears a red winter jacket, and a grey scarf. He has a crush on Aren.

Aren - A lynx, Aren's fur colour/color appears to be a dark purple and his paws are a lighter purple. Aren wears a white collar. He also wears a white/purple watch on his right wrist. He also has lavender Jamaaliday socks. He has a crush on Peanut, but hides it.

Blue-Berry (Berry) - Aren's stepsister, she has dark teal fur with a lighter fade, and big stormy grey eyes. She wears a magenta sweater, and a gold star feather necklace. She might have a crush on Necte.

Necte - A fox, he has honey blonde fur shaved at both sides with coral paws. He has light brown, small eyes and maroon eyebrows. He also appears to have two loop-shaped piercings on his ears. He also has a necklace with a white pendant.

Blackberry (placeholder name) - A fennec fox, she has dark blue fur and dark, black-looking teal paws. She has big blue eyes, and her pupils are a white star. She has a jet-black poodle skirt and white shoes that have very light yellow stars on them, along with a very pale yellow starry necklace, she also has a Moon clip in her hair behind the front hair, the moon is a very pale blue, the star is a more saturated then the moon.

Speedy - A cheetah who is very brave. He has a crush on Smudge but she doesn't like him. He is yellow with brown spots and wears a spiked collar.

Dizzy - Dizzy is a cheetah and is twins with Speedy. She has a tan coat with black spots and wears a bow-tie and flower crown. She is braver than her brother.

Episodes - Season 1

Episode 1: Welcome to Jamaa - An event starts in Jamaa where everyone has to compete against each other to look for a treasure chest, which will hide the finder's dream item, which worries Clover.

Episode 2: The Birthday- It is Daisy's Birthday! But Clover and Baron have forgotten a present! They must find a perfect present for Daisy before its too late.

Episode 3: Rockets are Cool- The Summer Carnival has come. Greely has been told to take the group of friends to the carnival. The friends run off as Greely stays at the entrance. Baron wants to get one of the rocket prizes and Clover and Daisy must get enough tickets to win it, but when they get stuck on a roller coaster, its all up to Greely and Baron to save them!

Episode 4 : The Magic Garden- Liza promised the group a sleepover at her garden. She goes inside to get some snacks, but that was a wrong move. Daisy starts to play with a grow potion and spills it on some flowers and when she sees the power, she starts to make the garden GROW! Clover must stop her before Liza comes back.

Episode 5: Happy Holidays! - Clover thinks Christmas is all about presents. When she is walking to the toy store, she finds a wolf named Rocky. All by herself on Christmas Eve. Will Clover help the wolf and learn about giving, or will she ignore her?

Episode 6: New Buddies - Clover and Daisy have gotten used to Rocky but Baron feels replaced! When Rocky find out how Baron is feeling, she thinks she should say this is a misunderstanding and they (they as in Rocky and Baron) got along.

Episode 7: A Bad Scam! - Clover and the gang were frolicking around in the pillow room, till they saw a deer saying that there is a giveaway of two flower crowns in his den. They went in the den and he said to take a quiz to win the items. And what did ya expect, Clover won her rares took with the deer! Will Clover battle (roleplay battle but actually battling as well) and confront him? Or will Clover fail and be very miserable about the rares? Find out in the next episode!


Episode 7.5: Clover's Revenge - Clover was very sad. Her friends tried to cheer her up, but it didn't work. So she and her friends planned revenge. And then they met up with Azpen and his gang of 2 arctic wolves with spikes and 2 flamingos with headdresses. Multiple jammers circled around them. Suddenly, Clover started fighting with Azpen. After Clover won the battle, every jammer circling them started mass reporting the arctic wolves, flamingos and the "poor" deer and they got banned. Clover got her rares back and gave the other jammers that were scammed by him, their rares back.

Episode 8: Lovesick Clover - Jake walks into school one morning to find Milly in a fight with Zoey! And after being on the receiving end of her fist, he realizes that something isn't right... And if they don't do something about it, Milly won't be allowed to compete in the band competition! What's Milly so upset about, and will the music club be able to perform with their main guitarist?

Episode 9 - Show Time! - Daisy loves to sing and dance! Then, a talent show rolled into Jamaa and Daisy was so excited. She puts her name on the list, and her friends! When she tells her friends, they suddenly get mad at her! Daisy wonders why and when she finds out she feels so bad. Maybe she can take them off but it's too late! Guess it's time to face the music.

Episode 10 - New Jammer Bully - A new jammer has come to live in Jamaa! Rocky makes fun of him and the New Jammer leaves sadly. Rocky tells her friend what happened and when she finally goes to him and tries to say sorry, she is met by an arctic wolf! The new jammer is really mad and Rocky tries to defeat him by herself. But she can't. Maybe, she will need an alpha's help. Like maybe, a tiger.


Episode 11: g1itCh: Data.aj.mp4 - Clover and friends were just doing their best and just... being their normal selves. Until, they get to the basement of secrets. They read a note that said "Do not enter" with a code attached to it. They found a button with a code thingy and went through the door. They found binary code, passwords of jammers, item colors, and unreleased items! They were thrilled to see this kinda stuff! And then a silver human said to run away, so they did. And the silver hunters didn't notice but they hacked the database servers. All of a sudden, parts of Jamaa started disappearing. T.b.c

Episode 12: New Year: New Land - YAY! New Year is here and to celebrate, the Alphas have found a new land. The gang is so excited! But Clover suspects something is wrong! For some reason, there was phantom goop everywhere! had the alphas not checked it out? She snoops around to find clues and then she see the alphas. TRANSFORM TO PHANTOMS! The land is a trap! Clover must rescue Jamaa from the phantoms! She warns her friend but they don't believe her. Suddenly the phantoms reveal themselves! Jamaa fights back as best as they can but since it was a surprise they weren't ready! Clover wants to help but doesn't know how. She finds out the phantoms weakness soon though. There is a crystal somewhere hidden in the land that can stop the phantoms. Soon she finds it and saves Jamaa! But... where are the REAL Alphas?

Episode 13: New Year: Alpha Rescue - Clover saved Jamaa! But its time to save the alphas. Clover and her friends follow the phantoms back to the fortress. In there, they find the alphas in a cage. They try to rescue them but get caught! Luckily, Baron gets away. It's up to him to free everyone! He is still in though the fortress though. He finds some animals in cage and hears them screaming "KEY!" There is a key nearby and Baron finds it. He unlocks everyone and as a Thanks, they will help free the alphas and his friends. But soon, the king phantom finds them! The jammers use all their strength to defeat the king. They defeat it but the are weak. How will they defeat the phantoms guarding the alphas and the rest of the gang? But they will try! When they get there, they regret their decision but when Peck sees them losing, she tells Baron where the phantoms heard her paintbrush. Baron uses it and the phantoms are defeated! The rescue group unlocks everyone and they run away... (evil laughing at end of credits)

Episode 14: Crossover - Clover and the gang were doing their thing when suddenly they got teleported to YouTube!

Animal Jam: The Series Season 2 Poster

Junior and a Phantom


Episodes - Season 2

S2 E1 - New Villain - The gang is laughing about all their adventures they had together. Rocky suggests they get pancakes. So they go the diner and when they go to their favorite spot, someone is sitting there. A black wolf. He is looking at something. Clover gets curious and snatches what is in his paws and is surprised by what it was. A necklace, with proto-phantoms on it. The wolf gets mad and takes back the item and leaves. “That was weird…” Daisy says. “Yep” Baron replies before they sat down to eat. After they leave they are still curious about that wolf. Soon, after walking around Jamaa, they see the wolf, a top hat on his head and the necklace around his neck. He is talking a purple creature behind the diamond shop. The gang moves closer… and closer… until they see that the creature is a phantom! Clover goes closer and the wolf notices and attacks her! Baron roars so the wolf to stop. “We must tell the Alphas about this!” Rocky says. The wolf growls at Rocky and she jumps. “No you won’t or this lil fox won’t be with you tomorrow...” “We wont tell” Daisy says and the wolf lets Clover go. Before they leave, the wolf turns to them and says “Don’t forget me. Name’s Junior…” before he slipped into the darkness.. The Gang thought about telling the Alphas but decided not to for they were to scared of this “Junior”.


S2 E2: The Phantom King's Plans - The gang were talking about the black wolf and how he was scary, when suddenly there were dark clouds rising from the sky. They gasped in horror as Junior appeared in their clubhouse. He got some more phantoms and then, the gang passed out and woke up inside a phantom cage. "Where am I" said Rocky, as they only heard the king's voice. He was saying some sort of phantom gibberish as he discussed about how to ruin Jamaa with Junior. The training phantoms were watching Junior say the plans out for the king himself. They now were thinking of getting out, but they tried and nothing happened. They shivered in their cage until... BAM! The gang woke up in their clubhouse. They could here laughing and saw a dark grey wolf with white splotch marks on her fur. She laughed "HAHA you guys were all like 'help!'" She kept laughing. The gang was very confused. "That was fun scaring you! I'm Smudge!" She smiled. "Why did you do that? Put that weird dream in our heads?" Asked Clover. "Can't I have a bit of fun? Hey lets be friends!" The gang was still confused but accepted the offer. They had a new friend... for now...





S2 E3: Back to the Past (Hour Special!) - The gang was so excited about their new friend. They were at the playground in the Sarepia Forest when Smudge got an idea. "Hey! I have an idea! My dad has this super cool portal that goes back the past! Wanna go in?" The gang nodded. Excited to see hat the past was like. So Smudge led them to an old shed. "Why is the portal here?" Asked Baron. "To hide it from others. He doesn't like other people using it. Only him and I use it" Smudge said then they went in. They appeared in a classroom with 3 wolves. A dark purple wolf, a pink wolf, and a white wolf. "Why are we here?" Daisy asked. "I wanted to see my mom! And Auntie!" Smudge said. "Also, we can stay here only for 5 minutes before the portal closes," Smudge added as she pointed behind them as a glowing purple circle that only they could see. Smudge walked over to the white wolf. "Hey! I'm Smudge! I'm your future dau-" Clover pulled her away. "We can't mess with the past! It's nice seeing it but not messing with it!" Smudge wiggled away from Clover's grasp. "Can I see my aunt then?" Smudge said and pointed to the pink wolf. Clover shook her head. Smudge lowered her head. "Ok" she said and went into the portal, the others following. Then they ended up in a penguin school. "This isn't home!" Daisy said. So they went back in. They went to many places. An old giraffe shop, a museum, and finally they arrived at a den. Smudge looked around. "I... I've been here before! It's my dad's old house! He lived here with his bothers and sister!" The gang watched as they saw a black wolf with a white underbelly walk out the front door. "Hey! That looks like Jun-" Daisy said but was cut off by a thud. She looked scared from the thought and the sound. The black wolf was pinned on the ground by a grey wolf. "Let me go!" He yelled but the grey wolf kept pinning him down, snickering. The gang backed into the portal, not wanting to see what happened next. This time they were back home. "Wasn't that fun?" Smudge smiled a tiny smile. The gang all agreed except Daisy. Her long ears were bent and flopped on the ground. "Yes.." She finally said. She decided to keep her thought about the black wolf to herself, not wanting to scare her friends. They waved goodbye as Smudge left... (Green Flower Crown and Black Top Hat on Floor at end of Credits)

S2 E4: Rosy, the healer! - Clover and friends (including Smudge) were fighting against the phantoms, and got tired. They tried to get back home, but there were lots of poison ivy. So, they tried to get through them but got really itchy! So they became unconscious and went to the hospital. And everyone woke up... and itched themselves a lot. "Hi!" a voice said from far away. "Who is this?" Clover said. "I'm Rosy!" she said, "I'm your crush's sister!" "D-Don't talk about that." Clover said to Rosy. "Anyways, I heard that you and your friends got into some poison ivy..." she said, not in her usual, happy tone. "Here, have some calamine with aloe in it! It will help you with those pesky itches!" Rosy grabbed Daisy's paw and rubbed calamine on it. After she gave them the calamine and the gang and Smudge put it on, a leopard came through the door. Cloud. Clover jumped up and ran to Cloud. "Hi! Sooo, how ya doing?" she asked Cloud. "Ok, but Rosy? Have you seen my healing staff? I lost it and if it gets into the wrong paws, who knows what will happen!" Rosy shook her head. "Lets look for it!" Rosy said and everyone started to look. Behind a bed, a drawer and behind a desk. Smudge was sniffing the floor when she found the staff! She looked at it's shiny blue rock on the end of it. She thought for a second then whispered to herself "Daddy will LOVE this!" Smudge put it in her backpack quickly and pretended to keep looking. Everyone else kept searching but when they couldn't find it, they turned to Cloud and shook their heads. "It's no where to be found" Baron said. Cloud lowered his head. "Let's just hope where ever it is, no bad jammer finds it." he said and sighed. Rosy turned to the gang and Smudge. "Well, you guys have ought to be going. It's getting late" The gang said their farewells and started towards the door, Smudge trying her best not to smile from how she was so good at sneaking but when they were far away she couldn't help herself from cracking a tiny smile...

S2 E5: Daisy the Detective (Short) - Daisy was at home, laying in her bed. Thinking back to when her friends and her went into the time travel portal and the black wolf. She jumped off. She had just realized something. The black wolf looked just like Junior! "What did Smudge say?" Daisy wondered then remembered that Smudge said her dad lived there! "Maybe her dad was the gray wolf! It can't be Junior! But Smudge has dark gray fur and that wolf's fur was light gray. But Junior doesn't have dark gray fur" Daisy was confused. Then she remembered one more thing. The piece that would give her the answer. The white wolf. When they first went in the portal. "Smudge said that was her mom. That could be why she has white fur and white plus black would make a dark grayish color-" Daisy's ears flopped on the ground and she gasped. She frowned as she realized who Smudge was and ran out her front door to tell her friends about what she found out.

S2 E6: Lies (Short) - The gang (except Daisy) and Smudge were having a dance party. Suddenly the door to the clubhouse burst open! Daisy came in panting. "Guys! Smudge! Junior!" Daisy told them panting still. Baron, Rocky, and Clover ran over to Daisy asking if she was okay. Smudge kept to the dark worried. After Daisy stopped panting she looked at her friends, her pink fur fluffed up a little still. "What were you saying?" Clover asked her buddy. Daisy said "Smudge! Remember when we went in the portal? And Smudge said her dad lived in the den? And that white wolf was her mom?" Rocky nodded, the others nodding a little while after. "Well. I had this thought when we saw the black wolf. It looked a lot like... Junior." The gang gasped. "Wait. Wouldn't that mean..." Baron thought for a minute. Clover continued his sentence. "Smudge said her dad lived there so yes. That would mean..." Rocky turned to them. "Junior is Smudge's dad?!" Daisy nodded. The gang turned around to where Smudge was standing but she wasn't there. Only a piece of paper that said "That's a lie" The gang picked it up and looked around confused.

S2 E7: Phantom Lab - The gang were bored. Then they had a idea! They could visit the new building in Jamaa Township! So they called Smudge and went to the building. "I have a bad feeling about this...." said Daisy, her long ears on both sides of her head. "Aww, come on! It won't be that bad!" Rosy said. They went in. Suddenly, the doors closed behind them. "Oh no!" Baron said "The doors closed!". Everyone panicked and screamed! The lights suddenly turned off. The gang stood in darkness, terrified. "Why Hello..." A voice came from the darkness. The gang turned around. "Smudge?" Rocky asked since Smudge never came yet. "Smudge? Oh no. Melody." A bunny came out of the dark. Daisy gasped. "You! You always made fun of me and scammed me and, and, and..." Daisy stuttered. Melody put her paw to her lips and shushed Daisy. "What are you gonna do to us?!" Baron roared. "Nothin. Well, I was going to capture Daisy but she always hangs about with you guys. I don't know why. I thought Daisy had some taste." Melody said a little annoyed. "HEY!" Clover yelped. "I was also looking for Smudge but she doesn't seem to be here. Oh phooey. Anyway. Time for your ultimate destruction!" Melody laughed. She ran up to the gang and tied them up so fast, they didnt have a chance to fight back. Melody went up to Daisy's ears and whispered. "I'll miss you. That was sarcasm by the way." Then the gang was lifted up off the floor. What will happen to them? Find out nest episode.

S2 E8: Family - (Shows phantom fortress at beginning and phantoms working to make phantom goop. Then shows a purple door that leads into a dark room inside phantom fortress) "ZZZZZ" A snore came from a dark grey and white wolf. Suddenly the door to the room burst open and a black wolf with a white underbelly cam into the room. "SMUDGE! Get up. You missed breakfast!" The little wolf that was sleeping jolted awake. "Wh... what? Dad? Give me 8 more hours to sleep!" A phantom came in the room. "Junior?" It turned to the black wolf. "A jammer is near the fortress. Shall we attack?" Junior nodded before going to Smudge's dresser and grabbed a picture. "We can go visit Silver..." Smudge jumped out of bed giggling. "Really?" Junior nodded. Smudge hugged her dad before putting on her flower crown and putting on her backpack. "READY!" Junior laughed before leading Smudge through the door. "Silver is so shiny! Remember when she-" Smudge's smile turned to a frown. "I miss her" Junior turned to Smudge, his top-hat a little messed up with bits of phantom goop on it. "Me too." Tears filled their eyes. "But it's okay." Smudge nodded and they went out the front door of the phantom fortress going into a forest. They passed trees, bushes and finally arrived to a rock. And on the rock was the name Silver carved into it. Smudge ran to the rock. "Mom!" She hugged the rock. "Dad?" Smudge turned to Junior. "I used your portal and saw mom at her old school." Smudge said remembering the white wolf. "I don't blame you. I would've too." Junior went closer to Smudge and wrapped his tail around her paws to keep her warm as they looked at the rock. Though they couldn't see it, a ghost floated up. A white wolf with a silver colored stripe went next to them. "Hello Smudge. Hello Junior." The ghost said. She smiled. Suddenly the sweet moment was erupted as a phone began to buzz. Smudge looked at her phone and read "Friends?" She sighed. "I can call them later. Or not. They already found out my secret." Junior turned to her. "What secret?" Smudge looked at her dad. "They know I'm your daughter. I left a note hoping they think that wasn't true but I don't know if it worked. I don't even know if they like me." Junior thought for a second. "Well, if they don't then oh well. Go hang out with someone else. And it shouldn't matter if you're my daughter or not." Smudge smiled and they both looked back the rock. (At end of credits a ghost floats up and waves goodbye to viewers)

S2 E9: Forest - The gang was dangling in the air as a giant pool of lava opened on the floor. Rocky whimpered, Clover squirmed, Baron was so scared he didn't say anything and Daisy was giving Melody a death stare as Rosy looked at the lava terrified. "HELP!" They all screamed. Melody laughed as she pressed a button and the gang was lowered a little bit. "If this is how we go, I just want to say, I HAVE A CRUSH ON CLOUD!" Clover said. Baron, Rocky, and Daisy looked at Clover. "We've always known that. It's kinda obvious." Baron rolled his eyes. Rosy added to Baron sentence. "I even told them when I rescued you from the poison ivy." Clover blushed. "Oh ok...... HELP US!" The gang squirmed. Melody looked at them and said in her sassy tone "Stop movin around!" Suddenly Melody's ears bolted up. "What is that sound?! It's so ruining the moment!!!" The gang looked at the ceiling where the noise was coming from. BAM! A small airplane crashed in the ceiling. The gang fell to the floor, and luckily not in the lava. A piece of wood fell on Melody, pinning her down but she wasn't hurt. "W...what just happened?" Baron said. A German Shepard jumped out of the airplane. "Sorry. This happens a lot." The gang looked at the dog as she explained that she was flying to pick up passengers and her name was Forest. "Well thanks for saving us." Clover thanked Forest. "Do you want a ride home?" Forest smiled. The gang shook their heads immediately and Forest laughed. "Ok a walk will do." So the gang walked out as Forest said "I'll get my airplane later." As they walked away, Rocky wondered where Smudge was and Daisy heard Melody scream "THIS ISNT OVER! I"LL BE BACK!" Daisy rolled her eyes and ran to catch up with her friends.

S2 E10: The Battle (Hour Special) - As the gang walked through a forest, which Forest led them too, the gang talked to each other. After going deeper into the forest Clover asked "I think we are lost. Do you know where we are going Forest?" Forest shook her head. "Nope. But I thought why not try a a new path?" The gang sighed and looked at each other before they kept walking. As they kept walking, they could hear talking. Forest stopped and raised her tail for the gang to stop too. "What was that?" Rosy asked. "I don't know..." Forest whispered while she peeked through the bushes. She saw a dark grey wolf with white splotch marks next to a black wolf. "Junior!" Rocky said. She had been looking too. "And Smudge?" Rocky said confused. "Wait is Smudge sitting next to Junior? theory was true?" Daisy went next to Forest and Rocky. Soon all the gang were peeking through the bushes. Suddenly Smudge stood up. She sniffed the air and turned to Junior. "I smell someone." Junior looked behind them. "It's... my friends?" Smudge said before walking slowly towards the bush the gang was hiding in. "EEP!" The gang said. Forest looked at her new friends. She came up with an idea in just a few seconds. "Since my friends look scared, then this wolf must've been mean or hurt them. I'll attack her to show her who's boss." She said in her mind. Suddenly Forest jumped out and pinned Smudge to the ground. Smudge yelped, alerting Junior who used his powers and pushed Forest off. Even though Forest was off and was crawling to back to the bush, Junior was infuriated. He tackled Forest and threw her up in the air. When Forest was in the air she screamed as she fell back down and Junior kicked her in mid-air before walking back to Smudge. The gang jumped out of the bush as Forest hit a tree. Smudge got up, her legs shaking. Her paws shined as she used her powers to make the ground shake a little bit. The gang fell to the floor. "SHE HAS POWERS?!" Baron yelled. The gang jumped up. Smudge and her dad stood back-to-back. Clover shook her head. "Doesn't matter! Smudge is weak. We just have to take out Junior." Rosy and the rest of the gang nodded as Forest lay on the grassy floor, watching the fight. Clover dodged a hit from Junior as Rosy ran to Forest to help her. While Junior was distracted, Baron jumped onto Junior's back and pinned him down. Junior squirmed around as Baron laughed but soon was blast off. "Get off!" Smudge pushed Baron off with her powers. It was a weak blast but still strong enough to push Baron off. Smudge suddenly fell to the floor, exhausted. "Smudge!" Junior got up and ran to his daughter. He picked her up by his teeth and put her on his back. "This isn't over... You'll regret that you did this!" Junior said before running away. The gang cheered that they won but a moan cut them off. They turned to Rosy and Forest. "We need to get her to a safe place now! Her back legs are broken." Rosy said, worried. "I got her!" Baron said and lay down and Rocky pushed Forest on his back. "We'll get you somewhere safe." Daisy said. "I can smell Jamaa!" Clover said and the gang followed her as she led her friends out of the forest.

S2 E11: Hunter and Echose - The gang was finally in Jamaa, rushing to Gabby's Animal Hospital. Suddenly they bumped into a grey wolf and a German Shepard. "Oh Mira! What have you done?!" The dog barked at them. "Who are you?" Clover asked. The dog barked again "Hunter and this is Echose. And I couldn't help but notice you have my little sister on that tiger's back!!!" The gang stood there. Rosy stepped up. "Listen Hunter. An evil wolf hurt her and we need to get her to safety. NOW." Hunter looked at Rosy. "Fine-" Hunter stopped talking, smiling. Echose looked at her friend. "Um... Hunter?" Hunter blushed. "Er... yes." Rosy backed up. "This way!" Echose told them and they ran towards Gabby's Animal Hospital. When they got there, they told the doctor and the doctor took Forest immediately. As they waited, they saw a few jammers asking to be adopted. "So, you're Forest's older brother? She is very young to be a pilot." Clover asked. "Yea. I told her not to do it but she didn't listen. She gets hurt a lot but never like this." Hunter replied. "Forest! Who ever is here for Forest, she is ready!" A cheetah yelled. The gang jumped off their chairs. They all gasped when they finally saw Forest. "Hey guys!" She smiled, rolling around on wheels. "Wheee!" Hunter walked up to his little sister "Are you alright? Did you even want the wheels?" He asked about to cry. "Yep! I'm feeling better. And no. But now that I have them, I LOVE them! I even got to pick the wheel color. I picked yellow." Forest giggled. Hunter nodded and then they all left, Forest getting a lollipop.

S2 E12: Not That Bad - Forest and her brother said their good byes to the gang and Echose an went home. When they got there Forest had a thought. "Can I still fly even with these wheels?" She asked Hunter. "NO." He answered. "But I didn't get hurt because of the plane! It was because of that Junior guy!" She said. "I know! Listen, you can't fly anyway! Not with those" Hunter looked at his sister. As he turned away, Forest slipped out the front door. She rushed to the building where her plane crashed. There was yellow police tape surrounding it. She went under it into the building. It was hard to get to her small plane with the wheels but she managed. She went in her plane and turned it on. "Hopefully this doesn't make a loud noise..." REEEEEEEE! "EEP!" Forest tried flying but couldn't. The plane was stuck. She could hear voices outside the building. She had an idea and drove the plane forward, crushing the rest of the building. Her plane was no longer at an angle but now on it's wheels. "C'mon! C'mon!" Forest pushed buttons, anything to try to make the plane fly. "The plane?! Get it! Must be a bad jammer or somethin'!" One of the voices said. Forest drove the plane forward again and this time it flew! "YEA!" Forest yelled. "Hey! Come back here!" The voices said below. Forest didn't listen. Back at her house, Hunter set food on the table. "Forest." No answer. "Forest? Forest!!! Where could she be?" Hunter called one more time. "FOREST!!!" Still no answer then Hunter realized something. "Oh no." He ran out the door looking for Forest. Mean while Forest was cruising the air. Every once in a while the plane suddenly dropped, the engine stopping, but Forest didn't mind because it came back on before she hit the ground. Grey steam came from the back but Forest didn't mind that either. She was flying when she spotted a giant purple building. "What the- Oh Mira. That's the phantom fortress!" Forest said looking out a window. Suddenly the plane stopped and fell. Forest thought that the engine would just turn back on but it didn't. It kept falling. "Uh oh." Forest ran to the front and buckled herself in. She clenched her seat with her paws but the crash never came. "Hey! What do you think you're doing? I'm trying to teach these kids how to attack jammers!!!" Forest opened her eyes and looked and saw that black wolf that hurt her. "Junior!" She whispered. "I'm trying to fly my plane what do you think?!" Forest yelled back. Forest was filled with anger. Sure Junior saved her from a plane crash by holding her plane up with his powers but he had hurt her. She looked at the little phantoms on rocks as Junior rolled his eyes. "Just bring me down!" Forest said. So Junior brought her down. When she was down she jumped in front of him, waning revenge. "Really? Fight? In front of the kids? Wow." Junior said to Forest before turning back to the tiny phantoms. "Ok and now how do we attack Peck?" Junior asked. A tiny phantom raised a tentacle. "SDFgdbe (In a group because she is small)!" Junior nodded. "What does that mean?" Forest said. "Oh right. I forgot I'm the only jammer who can understand them. He said to attack in a group." Junior replied. "Cokvd (Cookie)?" A phantom said to Forest. Forest was confused. "I can teach you what they are talking about. I'm just the only jammer who naturally understands them but you can learn. I taught my daughter." Junior said. "By the way, he is asking you if you want a cookie." Junior added. "Oh. Why yes but why'd he ask me? Aren't phantoms evil?" Forest said taking a cookie from the phantom and biting it but spitting it out immediately realizing it was made of phantom goop. "And why is it phantom goop?" Forest added to her question. "We are not all evil. We can be nice. And that's what they eat. It's quite delicious." Junior replied to Forest's question. "Delicious? Ha! It's disgusting. But you know. Phantoms doesn't seem that bad now." Forest laughed. She sat on a rock listening to Junior teach the tiny phantoms. "He isn't that bad either." Forest said in her mind. Forest looked at a phantom shivering and grabbed it. "Phantoms aren't THAT bad." She said as the phantom "smiled" at her.

S2 E13: Brothers and Sister - (Shows the silhouette of a dog running throughout Jamaa) A German Shepard ran across Jamaa. He stopped at the pillow room, running in panting. "Help! My *Pant* sister *Pant* missing!" 3 wolves turned around. A pink one, a grey one and a black one. They all ran to the dog, who is laying on the floor exhausted. "What's wrong?" The pink wolf said. She looked at the dog and asked again. A panda, lion, kangaroo, and many other animals crowded around. "My sister, Forest is missing." The dog started to cry. "We'll help you find her!" The black wolf said. His white tipped ears bent down. "Thanks. I'm Hunter." The dog stood up. "I'm..." The black wolf got interrupted. "Be quiet Dare! No one cares what your name is!" The grey wolf yelled as the black wolf whimpered. Hunter looked at the wolf, crouched down in fear. "ACK!" Hunter was surprised when he turned around and saw the grey wolf standing in front of him. "I'm Dash and the pink ones DJ." DJ waved hi. "Follow me. I can find your sister." Dash turned around and led the way out. "It's true. He got the best nose in all of Jamaa!" Dj said. Hunter nodded as the Dash grabbed Hunter's hat and sniffed it. "I can tell you don't shower very often but there's another scent. Does your sister play with this hat?" Hunter nodded. "Yea sometimes" Dash nodded and ran to the front, leading again. Hunter slowed down so he was at the same pace with Dare, who was in the back, his head hanging low. "Why was Dash mean to you?" Hunter asked. Dare looked at Hunter. "He's my older brother." Hunter shook his head. "That doesn't give him the right to treat you like that. How far apart are you guys?" Dare sighed. "3 seconds. We're twins. DJ is 2 years younger than us. She's our sister. At least I don't get treated as bad as my younger brother..." Hunter asked who the younger brother is. "We don't talk about him. Well, I sometimes do. I miss him. Only him and Dash have powers. I haven't seen him since the phantom invasion. We used to live in a small town when we young but then the phantoms came. Dash was so jealous of him since he had powers too, when we were running to a helicopter to escape, he kicked him and he was left behind. I don't know where his now. He was the only one who liked me. But where ever he is, I hope he is happy. Dash bullied him a lot." Hunter gasped at what he just heard. "What was his name?" Hunter asked. Dare was about to answer before they realized they were in a forest with some plants that looked like they were destroyed by phantoms. DJ and Dash were still in the front so they weren't lost. "HERE! I SPOT A GERMAN SHEPARD!" Dash yelled. Hunter looked up and realized it was his sister. His smile faded away as soon as he saw a phantom next to her. He ran towards her, surprising Forest. He growled at the phantom as it screeched as floated away. "Hunter!" Forest smiled. "Are you hurt? What did the..." Hunter turned around and saw Junior, growling as a tiny phantom pointed a tentacle at Hunter as it hid behind Junior. BAM! Hunter fell on the floor. Forest looked at her brother, trying her best not to laugh. Hunter had gotten pushed to the ground by Dare. Dare stood in front of Hunter. "It... He's..." Dare was lost for words. DJ and Dash ran to Dare. The siblings were so shocked. "What's happening?" Hunter groaned, getting up from the ground. Forest shrugged. The 3 wolves looked at Junior. Suddenly, Dash jumped at Junior. The little phantom ran away, frightened. Junior grunted as he fell on the floor. "No. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!" Dash growled. Junior didn't answer. DJ laughed as Dare tried to step forward to help but when Dash looked at him, he knew to stay back. Dash looked back at Junior. He shook the black wolf with his paws. "WHY ARE YOU STILL IN JAMAA!? You should be gone! You should've left! I gave you a warning or you'll end up like Silver." Dash yelled as Junior again. Hunter and Forest ducked behind a rock. DJ and Dare just watched in silence. "This is my home Dash. I'll never forgive you to what you did to Silver but I'll let you leave without a scratch." Junior finally replied. "Is that a challenge?" Dash said. Junior shrugged beneath his paws. Dare suddenly ran forward knocking Dash off. He grabbed Junior up from the ground and hugged him. "What are you doing Dare?" Junior asked. Hunter looked up from the rock as Dare responded "I'VE MISSED YOU! I"M SO SORRY WHAT DASH DID TO YOU ALL THOSE YEARS AGO! AND WHAT HE DID TO SILVER!" Tears streamed from Dare's eyes. "Ugh. I never liked living with you brother!" Junior jumped out of Dare's grasp as Hunter gasped as he now knew who Dare was talking about a few moments ago. DJ ran up to Junior and stuck her tongue out at him before running away. "This is an odd reunion? Wait is this a reunion. Yes. Junior did call Dare his brother. Wait, doesn't that mean I just talked to the brother of a super villain!" Hunter thought. A million thoughts race in and out of his head as Dash sat a short distance from Junior growling at him. Dash was up to something and it was something bad...

S2 E14: Alpha! - (This episode happens a few days before "Brothers and Sister" ) "TAG! YOU"RE IT!" A pink bunny yelled as she tagged a tiger. "Daisy?" The tiger sighed, still smiling though, and ran to a fox and tagged her. "Baron! Oh no you don't!" The fox tried to tag Baron back but a gray wolf yelled. "Clover! No tag-backs!" Clover said "Fine Rocky. But you're it!" The pink and blue fox tagged Rocky on the nose before running away. The gang laughed when suddenly, a bell began to ring. Jamaa had a curfew because a phantom was seen near the boarders that separated the phantom woods and Jamaa. "Aw man." Rocky said, annoyed. They waved goodbye. On Clover's way home she couldn't stop thinking of Cloud. "Oh, I hope I can see him again." Suddenly, Clover tripped on something. It was a sack of boomseeds. "What's this?" Clover picked the bag up. "HEY! LET ME GO!" A voice said. Clover dropped the bag, scared. "Wh... who's there?" Clover whispered. No answer. She was near the borders of Jamaa so maybe the scream came from the forest. Clover placed a paw over the line that separated the phantoms and jammers. Clover picked up the sack and ran. She ran into a group of phantoms. A snow leopard and maned wolf stood in the middle of the circle of phantoms. "Maybe if we ask nicely, they will let us go Magenta." The maned wolf said. "CANDY! They're phantoms!" The snow leopard, Magenta yelled. "Don't worry! Hero will save you!" A lemur swung through the trees. "Hero? I can do this by mysel..." Magenta was interrupted when the the phantom suddenly squealed and floated away. "Huh?" Candy looked at Clover. "I think I scared those phantoms away with these boomseeds." Clover smiled. "No! NO NO NO NO!!! I needed to save them!" Hero whined. Magenta put her paw on her muzzle sighing, obviously annoyed by Hero's child like personality. "Hey um pink fox! Why don't you join us on our adventure?" Magenta jumped up. "It's Clover and sure! What are you doing?" Clover asked, a little excitement in her voice. "I like Pinky instead of Clover and we're training to become the next Alphas!" Magenta laughed. "Really? That's amazing!" Clover yelled, happy. "What are you doing?" A voice said. Out of the trees came a grey wolf and a giant tiger. "S.. sir Gilbert! We were just talking to this pink fox! Clover is her name sir." Magenta stood up straight. Candy nodded as Hero had a grumpy expression on his face, still mad that he didn't save his partners. "You should be doing patrols sweetie dear. You need to learn to detect danger before it can detect you!" The grey wolf said, smiling. "Yes Commander Dash." Candy replied. Then the ground began to shake violently. "What's that?" Sir Gilbert got into a fighting pose immediately. Clover fell to the ground. "Ow!" Clover said. She shook her head and stood up. Out of the corner of her eye, the pink fox spotted something purple. "Phantoms..." She said and looked at Sir Gilbert. "PHANTOMS!" She yelled. The tiger nodded. The phantoms came closer. One attacked Dash but the wolf was able to hold it back with his earth powers. "Get out of here, you weird creatures!" Magenta scratched a phantom with his huge paws. "EEEEE!" Hero squealed as a phantom was about to jump on him but Candy pinned it down before it got to him. Clover looked at the animals fighting but when she turned around, she realized she was surrounded. Clover growled but the phantoms stood there. She looked for the bag of boomseeds but saw that they were smashed by the phantoms before they can be used. "Ok I guess I'll have to fight the old fashioned way." Clover jumped over the phantoms, grabbing one by it's tentacle with her teeth in mid-air. "BEEEEP!" The phantom cried for help. Clover threw the phantom at the others as soon as she landed. The other phantoms fell and ran to another animal, Candy. The maned wolf was too busy to notice and suddenly a phantom pinned her down. Clover gasped and ran to help. She grabbed one by one and threw them off. Candy jumped up and shook her self off. "Thanks Clover!" She said, panting. "No problem!" Clover smiled, covered in phantom goop. Hero was facing a phantom and picked up some phantom goop and threw it at the purple creature. The phantom suddenly grew because of the goop and the lemur screamed. Clover and Candy turned around and rushed to the rescue. Candy tripped on a rock but she was ok. She yelled "Clover! Go help Hero!" Clover replied "Got it!" and ran to help. She jumped on the phantom's back and bit it's tentacle. It shook her off before floating away. "They're retreating!" Sir Gilbert said. Dash walked up to Hero. "You! Why'd you do that! GIVE THE PHANTOM PHANTOM GOOP!?" Dash yelled. "I'm sorry! I didn't know it would make it stronger... AH!" Hero screamed. Dash scratched Hero on his nose. "Dash can be sweet but can turn quick." Magenta said to Clover, her paws stained purple because of all the phantom goop on the grass. "Dash! Stop! Good Jammers don't hurt others because of mistakes!" Sir Gilbert yelled. Dash looked at his leader and nodded before backing away. Sir Gilbert sighed before turning to Clover. "You did well out there. I have an offer for you. Let me tell you while we walk back to Jamaa." He said. So they started to walk. "So... what's the offer?" Clover asked the Alpha. "Clover. I want you to join the Alpha training program." Sir Gilbert said, smiling. Clover gasped. "REALLY?" Sir Gilbert nodded. "Wow. Yes. Of course!" Clover said, happily. Sir Gilbert laughed. "Glad to see you excited." The tiger said. Clover smiled as she and the Alpha walked back to Jamaa.

S2 E15: The Boat - (This episode happens after "Brothers and Sister") "Do do do! Do do diddly do!" A bunny sang as she walked through the forest. It as Daisy and she was trying to get home and thought that this might be a good shortcut. Daisy could hear a river somewhere in the forest so she tried looking for the stream. The pink bunny kept following the noise and finally got to the stream. She was amazed. She spotted the Blue Heron! Daisy ran to the rickety old boat and climbed on it. "Wowza! I thought the Blue Heron was destroyed by the phantoms!" She said, happily. She turned the wheel. "HEHE!" Daisy squealed. Suddenly she heard paw-steps. "What...? W-who's there?" Daisy jumped away from the wheel. "Hey! This is my boat!" A voice said. "Yea right!" Another voice said. Daisy gasped as she spotted a black tail. A wolf carrying a fox jumped out of the bushes. Daisy ducked behind a barrel before they could see her. "Junior! But who's that?" Daisy whispered. "Let. Me. GO!" The fox said. He wiggled in Junior's teeth. "Be quiet. I'm offering you something good." Junior mumbled. "My brother knows I'm here in Jamaa and he HATES me! Catch him and I'll give you treasure!" Junior said after he dropped the fox on the deck. "Treasure!? What does he look like?" The fox said. "A grey wolf. White underbelly. Name is Dash. Also this isn't your ship. You just found it." Junior told him. "Got it. I'm Paws." The fox snickered. Daisy looked at the 2, her heart was beating fast. She was terrified. She didn't know who Dash was but who ever he was. Daisy was going to save him. Daisy hopped off the side of the ship, Junior and Paws not noticing. Daisy ran away scared. She must warn her friends. (Credits roll and at the end a fox pops up from the bottom of screen. A top hat falls from the top of screen and onto the fox's head)

S2 E16: Stripes - A tiger named Baron was at a restaurant waiting for his food when he spotted a fox. "Does anyone know Dash?" The fox asked everyone there. The jammers shook their heads. Baron shook his head too. He didn't know who was Dash was. The fox sighed. "He's a wolf. Grey and white wolf." The fox asked again. "I know him." A pink wolf jumped up. "Name's DJ!" She smiled. "Paws. Nice to meet you." The fox said and shook paws with DJ. "So you know him?" DJ nodded. Baron looked at the scene unfold. "Why? You want to meet him?" DJ smiled. "Yes. Lead me to him." The fox smiled. "Okie!" DJ said and lead him out the door. Baron was curious and canceled his order and went after them. After walking for a few minutes, DJ stopped in front of a castle. "Here. Dash is in here." DJ said. Baron quickly recognized the castle from the brush he was hiding in. It was Sir Gilbert's castle! The fox and wolf went inside. Baron sneaked in the castle too. As he walked around, he was amazed by all the statues. "Wowza!" he whispered. Then he heard the pink wolf and Paws. He remembered what he was in there for and continued to follow them.

S2 E17: Experiment By Phantoms - Baron, DJ and Paws were in the castle when Sir Gilbert noticed them. "What are you doing here?" He growled. DJ smiled. "Here to see Dash!" Sir Gilbert's frown turned to a smile. "Oh! You're his little sister! Come in, come in! Who's your fox friend?" "Paws. He's nice." DJ said. "Very well then. Come on now!" Sir Gilbert led them deeper inside his castle, Baron still secretly following the 2. Or now 3. Sir Gilbert leads them to Dash. The 4 talk as Baron watches. Suddenly, Paws attacks Dash! DJ helps her brother fight off Paws. Sir Gilbert also helps and the three chase Paws away. Baron gasps. He must tell the others about this. Paws and Baron run out of the castle, and luckily, Paws doesn't notice him. That's when Baron hears Paws talking about how the experiment Junior wanted to put Dash through.


  • There are shorts called "Play Wild" which came out on April 5th 2021.
  • "Animal Jam: The Series" has won 2 Emmy awards
  • The show was almost canceled after the first episode in season 2 but fans have saved it from it's cancellation
  • There was going to be a musical episode but the idea was scratched. It is still unknown if there is going to be a musical later on.
  • The show first aired on July 5th 2018
  • Episode "New Jammer Bully"'s plot was made by 2 young fans.
  • Wildworks has announced that the show would be going to Netflix soon, allowing more people to find the show
  • The fox with the top hat at the end of "The Boat" hints at a possibly new villain
  • Animal Jam: The Series includes AJ Classic, AJPW, and Feral
  • In 2022, the series became available on Prime