I have a long list of cool ideas for Animal Jam revolving around my

Animal Jam Nintendo Switch Edition

Concept of Reveal Art

dream release of Animal Jam: Nintendo Switch Edition!

I have it set for release on December 23rd, 2021. The Game is free to download, and you need a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription to play the game, it is a pay to play. But if you have a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription, you can get a year-long Membership for 1/3 the price! But, at the cost of Less gems and diamonds upon purchasing. (Approx. 2500 Gems And 10 Diamonds, Instead of 25000 and 175.)

The Main Draw of Animal Jam: Nintendo Switch Edition is the ability to play AJ on the go! (As long as you have Nintendo Switch Online, obviously)

All of the following changes will be made to Both versions (Unless Specified)

Basic Changes

With the jump to a console, I say that visual changes need to happen.

-More Animations (Sitting has movement animation instead of freezing the player)

-Updated Backgrounds and Areas (Phantom Fighter has Updated background, and Greely's Inferno Has animated Lava and Fire Effects. Water features in dens and Adventures are given more detail and animations as well.)(Lava Effects Exclusive to Switch Edition)

-Zoom Features (Allows player to Zoom, Shrink, and move the camera. Magnifying Glass in the corner of screen Zooms in and Out, While Right-Clicking and dragging moves the camera.(Clicking R-Stick on Switch))

-Arcade Game Changes (Phantoms in Phantom Fighter move from side-to-side, like in Galaga, instead of swaying back and forth. Gems in Gem Breaker bounce off the back wall, like in Animal Jam Play Wild.)

-Movement Changes (New Pose "Play Dead" Which puts the player in the Sleep pose without animation. Hopping can be directional instead of just Down and to the Right.)

Complete Gameplay Changes

These are the HUGE changes that I would want to come to the game! These would bring more accessibility to players in several different ways! These Updates would come out every other day for 4 Weeks, Drastically Changing Gameplay. For the better!

Update One: Weapons Plus

Releasing on the Monday following the Switch release, WEAPONS PLUS is the "Part One" of the update coming out the following Wednesday.

The Update Involves the intro of 2 New Clothing Types. SWORDS and BOWS.

SWORDS involve all of the Sword-Based Items, Including Alpha Swords, Stone Swords, Ice Swords, and even Candy Swords! They can all be worn along with back items, Allowing you to wear both an Alpha Sword, and Alpha Armor!

BOWS involve all Bow-based items, like Bow and Arrows, (Rare included) Longbows, Crossbows, Candy Bows, and also Crystal Bows! They can be worn in conjunction with Swords and Back items, basically, allowing you to be wearing 3 Back items at once!

Think that's something cool? We're just getting started.

Update Two: Combat Plus

Releasing the Wednesday after Weapons Plus, COMBAT PLUS will change adventures forever. Gone are the days of forcing to go Kamikaze into a horde of Phantoms with a Boomseed, now you can use your weapons to fight! You can get up-close and personal with Swords, or snipe from afar with Bows, or claw the crap out of them with Gauntlets. Hovering over a phantom with your cursor highlights them, allowing you to slash them with your Sword, draw your Bow to shoot them, or Claw them with your Gauntlets.

Using a Sword, you can Slash, Chop, or Spin Attack into a Phantom. Slash has most Damage, But you're probably going to get hit. Chop thwacks them away, but with less damage. (Around 60%) Spin Attack has you spin your sword around in a 50% damaging ring, (Including a new animation) along with invincibility for 10 Seconds, but after the 10 seconds, you will be dazed, and susceptible to attacks for 5 seconds.

Each different Sword has a different effect, Alpha Swords are 1-Hit KOs, Stone Swords have an AOE effect when slashing, and Candy Swords make them drop a piece of candy, restoring half a heart.

Using a bow, you can either Draw or Long Draw your bow, (With a unique animation) to target the phantoms, and keep the phantoms at bay.

Drawing has you draw your bow with line of sight, with shorter range, but higher damage. Long Drawing has you draw your bow and aiming upward, to snipe phantoms behind walls. If other phantoms are around the one you sniped, they will see you and go after you. (Regardless if using Long Draw or not.)

Update Three: Plushies Plus

Plushies Plus is an idea that has been thrown around for a while, and I have devised a concept myself. Releasing on the Friday after Combat Plus, this would change how most players view the claw machine.

You have a list of plushies in your Top Left HUD, Listing all the plushies of each different animal you have collected. Every 3 different Plushies of the same animal you get rewards with an exclusive animal-themed prize. Did I mention this is also for Non-Members?

Update Four: Den Decorating Plus

Den Decorating Plus will be a BIG change for Den decorating, Allowing more presentable styles, without the players in your den to be clicking on stuff. It would Release on the Following Monday after Plushies Plus.

You can now change which state the item is in, (If it has different states) like Fire Pits Could be lit up once you or other players enter your den, or the birthday cakes could be solved immediately, (But you have to find all the things to click on first) or you can have an item repeat an action if it cycles. You can also lock players form deactivating them, or activating them. (On their screens) There are also more sorting Categories for items, like Tables, Chairs, Lighting, and Misc.

Music now comes in Collections, too! Collections is a purchasable music item with several tracks included based on a theme. You can change between the tracks easily, with a click of the Track Swapper Button.

Update Five: Trading Plus

Trading Plus I believe could revolutionize how trading is done, stop scammers, and bring more enjoyment to trading as a whole! It would Release on the Following Wednesday after Den Decorating Plus.

The big draw of Trading Plus is the TRADER 2000, A system that analyzes a trade with other trades between items, with other items, and previous trades, including how long the items how been inaccessible or accessible, and gem or diamond cost. This would result in a decision by the system to determine if the trade is fair or not. Once the system determines the fairness, the players can accept or decline, regardless of the result, in case of transfer trading or NM Gifting. Also included is the TRADING POST, AKA a place to bid on items. Here, Jammers can offer an Item, and it can be seen by anyone. Other Jammers can then bid on the item, until the "Host" Determines what He/She/It wants, or if the bidding time runs out, (About 2 Weeks) Where the Offer is taken down. Non-Members are also allowed to bid, but not "Host". You can also check previous trade offers and attempts.

Update Six: Non-Member Appreciation

Non-Member Appreciation is very self-explanatory. It Would Release the Friday after Trading Plus.

Non-Member Appreciation (NMA) allows NMs to do things they should be able to do. NMs can now Type with safe chat in Jam-a-Grams, Accept Gifts, Use the Jammer wall, (With most Cosmetics Locked) and have more animals! (Now 6 instead of 2) NMs also have 3 New dens! NMs can now use the Volcano, Castle, and the Princess Castle. More Music is available as well, They now can use Jammer Anthem, Jam Session, and Jam On. They can also use buddy icons, but not Nametag borders. Oh yeah, and you can click a Player's Animal to bring up their profile, instead of their Nametag. (Any player)

Update Seven: Minimaps Plus


Update Eight: Shadow of the Wolves


Update Nine: Jammerpocolypse

The Jammerpocolypse is a Special Gamemode for Members Only. It would Release on the Friday Following the Shadow of the Wolves Adventure.

The Player is dropped into a MASSIVE world overrun by Evil Phantomized Jammer Zombies! It is your job to find resources, help other players, and Stay Alive until the game timer (Approx. 120 Hours) reaches Zero, and the cure is found. A Player Has 5 Hearts, But Can Get More From Armor.

Apocolpyse Chest

A Chest that would be found exploring the Map.

Players find chests across the map, containing items to build forts, Armor to Build Health, Candy to regain health, and weapons to fend off the Jammer Zombies.

Jammer Zambie

A Jammer Zombie Replicated With a Mannequin

Jammer Zombies act similar to normal Phantoms, but with different animations, and dredging audio. They mostly resemble Wolves, Bunnies, and Tigers. They can only be "Killed" By a player wielding an Alpha Sword, or Pouring Mira Water on the Body from a Light Point. (Similar to Respawners, but bigger and White. With a Mira Water Well) Special "Boss Jammer Zombies" Appear throughout the map, Resembling a Giant Phantomized Arctic Wolf, Snow Leopard, or Lion. They Act like Phantom Kings, and will explode once defeated, Leaving Behind a chest with a good item in it. (Stone Swords, Crystal Bows, Etc.)

When a player is killed by the Zombies, the player is kicked from the Adventure, receives their rewards, (More in a minute) and cannot enter again until the round is over. A Boss Zombie then appears where they died. Players who leave the Adventure on their own terms respawn at the hub area, and can keep exploring.

Jammerpocolypse Rewards

Rewards are given out once the Player either Dies, or the Game Timer Ends. They are as follows:

-ULTIMATE SURVIVOR Survive the whole game with at least The DESTROYER, DETHRONER, and STRONGEST STANDER Awards. Reward: Several Black Long Collars Or A Headdress

-DESTROYER Subdue or Kill over 500 Jammer Zombies. Reward: A Good Long Collar

-PURGER Subdue or Kill over 250 Jammer Zombies. Reward: A Beta Well, Beta Flower Barrel, Beta Flower Bush, Or Beta Carrot Patch

-BLASTER Subdue or Kill over 100 Jammer Zombies. Reward: A Phantoms! Prize

-DETHRONER Kill 50 Boss Zombies. Reward: 5 Den Betas

-CONQUEROR Kill 25 Boss Zombies. Reward: 3 Den Betas

-ABOLISHER Kill 10 Boss Zombies. Reward: A Den Beta

-LAST STANDER Be One of the last Players when the Player Count drops below 10 in the Last 3 Hours of the game. (You Must Play until the Game Ends Or Die to get the Award). Reward: A Decent to Good Long Collar

-STRONGEST STANDER Have Played in a Game for at least 10 Hours. Reward: Phantom Trophy

-STILL STANDING Have Played in a Game for at least 5 Hours. Reward: A Battle For The Beacon Item

-STANDING DEVOTEE Have Played in a Game for at least 3 Hours. Reward: Gold Alpha Statue (New Item)

-REALLY!? Die Within 5 Minutes of Starting. Reward: A Clothing Beta

-YOU TRIED, RIGHT? Die Within 15 Minutes of Starting. Reward: A Diamond Shop Spiked Collar

-UNLUCKY. JUST UNLUCKY. Die Within Half an Hour of Starting. Reward: Random Adventure Prize

You will only receive the prize at the top of the list. (If you get Last Stander, you will only receive a Decent to Good Long Collar, not a Phantom trophy, or Battle for the Beacon Items. If you get Ultimate Survivor, You will only get a Black Long Collar or a Headdress, and nothing else, Even from the other achievements.)

New Items (Found in Secret Chests) Light Mira Well. Phantomized Arctic Wolf Boss Trophy. Phantomized Zombie Stack Statue. Crystal Phantom King Statue. Pet Light Point. Pet Wastelands. Pet Phantom Castle.

The Music That Plays can be changed between Battle For The Beacon, The Phantom Vortex, or The Phantom Badlands.

Wastelands Decor

Items that would be adorned throughout the wastelands.

A 12-Hour Demo Would be accessible to all Jammers, allowing NMs to get the stage prizes, and such the like. No final prizes would be given out on this day, as it is the Demo.


Throughout the 3 weeks, in each update, a SECRET SHOP was added into the game, only in the Switch Version, Until this Update, where all of them have been added into the PC Version. There is a Secret Shop in each land in the game, except Bahari Bay, Kani Cove, and Crystal Reef. The Announcement would Release on the Saturday after the Jammerpocolypse Demo.

A Secret Shop has items based on Nintendo Property, with the exception of the first shop. (We'll get to that later.) It has a stone statue of Mysterious Characters in different poses according to the Property in the center of the room an a giant stone pedestal.

A Secret shop usually has: 12 Clothing items, 2 Sets of 5 Special Armor Pieces, and 2 Weapon Items. Along with 12 Den Items, and 12 Purchasable Music Tracks, all of which relating to the respective Nintendo Property.


The First Shop is the Jamaa Secrets Shop, Which released with Weapons Plus. This is the only shop not relating to a Nintendo Property, as it is based on Animal Jam itself.

The Shop is Found by going under the Alpha Headquarters, via the river.

The Shop has a Statue of the Mysterious Warrior Wielding an Alpha Sword, and wearing Alpha Armor, while preforming a Spin-Attack on 3 Phantoms.

Clothing Items:

-Alpha Armor Replica Set Similar to actual Alpha Armor, but it has a White and Light Gray color scheme, instead of the actual Alpha Armor's Light Blue and Cerulean color scheme. This set includes an Alpha Sword Replica, sharing the color scheme of the Replica set. The Sword only does 25 Damage instead of 1-Hit KOs. The Set only has one Color, and Cost the same amount of diamonds as Alpha HQ Armor. The Sword costs 4 Diamonds, and has no special effect, outside of having the same animation as the regular Alpha Sword.

-Mecha Armor Set This set is Based on the Unreleased Wolf Mecha Den Items. It is metallic in design, and comes in Blue, Red, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, and White. These change the light color coming from markings on the armor. It costs the same as the Alpha Armor Replica Set. This set includes the Mecha Saber, resembling a Katana, it has Glowing markings throughout the Sword's blade, and parts of the hilt. It comes in the same colors as the armor. and costs 3 Diamonds. The Sword Does 40 Damage, and will shoot off a laser beam after attacking.

Den Items:


Available Music:

-Juice Hut Jam (Juice Hut Music) Cost: 300 Gems

-Hot Cocoa Chorus (Hot Cocoa Hut Music) Cost: 300 Gems

-Art Studio Serenade (Art Studio Music) Cost: 300 Gems

-Stargazing Mysteries (Mystery Emporium Music) Cost: 300 Gems

-Bitter Sweets Collection (All Tracks from Bitter Sweets) Cost: 5 Diamonds

-Present Pandemonium (Jamaaliday Rescue Music) Cost: 1 Diamond

-The Adventure Begins Collection (Training Grounds, ROTP, Bunny Burrow, The Phantom Portal, Portal Cave, Meet Cosmo Overworld.) Cost: 5 Diamonds

-In the Darkness (Hive Music) Cost: 1 Diamond

-Inferno Collection (Greely's Inferno Mountain Climb, Inside the Volcano, Volcano King Theme, Volcano Aftermath, The Phantom Vortex, Vortex Kings.) Cost: 5 Diamonds

-The Phantom Badlands (Phantom Badlands Music) Cost: 1 Diamond

-Ancients Collection (Trial Grounds, Glow Moth Melody, Ancient City Ruins, River Escort, Ambush!) Cost: 5 Diamonds

-Adventure Complete! (Adventure End Portal Music) Cost: 1 Diamond

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