The Anaconda is a fan-made members-only animals. They cost 1,000 gems and are normally bought. Hand items like gloves "stick" to the side of the Anaconda, and feet items are worn at the  mid-body.


Play: It coils into a tie then hops up, untied like a magic trick

Dance: They slide to left then right, then hops up on its tail and spins

Sit: It has its neck up in the air and has its body down on the ground.

Sleep: It sleeps curled up like a cat

Hop: When hopping, it jumps up and down and looks like a spring.


  • Anaconda2
    The colour scheme of the Anaconda resembles a rattlesnakes patterning and the anacondas green skin.
  • There is an item that resembles a rattlesnakes tail called a Rattle.