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Image from Awsomeisme1233

The African Wild Dog is a members-only land animal that costs 10 Diamonds.

Default appearance

The African Wild Dog is the size of the Wolf. It has a tan pelt for Colour 1, and a dark brown underpelt for Colour 2. It has black half moon-shaped eyes, and a cream splotched pattern, which is a special pattern. It looks similar to the Coyote, Wolf and Arctic Wolf.


Sit: It sits identically to the Coyote.

Dance: It does the limbo.

Sleep: It sleeps on its side with its paws stretched out.

Hop: It crouches down low and springs into the air.

Play: It chases its own tail.


  • The African Wild Dog Alpha is Naomi.
  • There is a glitch where the African Wild Dog wears the Fox Hat. When the animal plays, the Fox Hat becomes an exclusive colour.
  • It has a special pattern.