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For an Empire near Jamaa, Animal Jam should make a kingdom of winter with a palace in it's heart entirely made of ice. The empire

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would be ruled by Mira's younger sister Ninani The White Heron. The land would have winter based animals such as the arctic wolf, arctic fox, polar bear, swan, snow leopard, penguin, otter, seal, White Herons, White Egrets, cougar, deer, and snow geese. The landscape would be all winter, no patches of green, rivers, an eastern ocean, the west gate to the kingdom would be through the top cave at Mt. Shiveer, There would be Large cities, with skyscrapers such as WinterSpark (capital) and largest city, WaterGleam (3rd largest city), and SaphireSpark (2nd largest city). There would be four lakes called Lake Amethyst, Lake SaphireSpark, Lake Ninani, and Lake Crystal. White Herons would cost 15 diamonds, swans would cost 13 diamonds, White Egrets would cost 15 diamonds. There would be the model of the capital city as a den, for 10 diamonds, There would be a palace twice the size of the Original Winter Palace, and a huge city made of ice, In front of the palace would be two frozen fountains, a statue of Ninani and her oldest daughter in the foyer, Note: The daughter is unknown. Do not name it! Note, I am Ninani's true daughter. (CrystalFeather) so the user funnybunny91499 would have the name CrystalFeather for the White Heron. Because The Kingdom Of Winter is so powerful, it is an empire. So it is ruled by an Emperor and an Empress. Mostly an Empress. The Empress has three children. CrystalFeather (Female), ArcticMoon (Female), and ArcticSpirit (Female) CrystalFeather is me (Funnybunny91499), ArcticMoon is (Sidthetiger), and ArcticSpirit is (Garyandme) Because I named these 2 users and myself, is because we came up with the characters. Phantoms have no power over The Empire Of Winter, therefore, they can't break in.

The White Bird is Empress Ninani The Heron, the Icy Blue/white bird is Princess CrystalFeather the White Heron, The Black and Red bird is Princess ArcticMoon, the Purple bird is Princess ArcticSpirit.

The mint and teal bird is Princess SpiritLight, Mira's daughter. The teal and gold bird is Ninani's older sister Mira.

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